We are proud to announce that we’re launching a line of agricultural products for farmers, livestock owners and rural customers, including fencing, cattle grids, farm sheds, stables, arenas, livestock pens, and feeders, all powder coated for durability. These Australian-made products provide a reliable and long-lasting solution for the region’s rural, farming and livestock needs.


Made from high-quality Australian steel, our aviaries come in a variety of standard configurations. We also pride ourselves on custom designed, bespoke aviaries for a variety of settings and species such as private collections, hobby farms, zoos and more.

Animal Enclosures

Made from high-quality Australian steel, our enclosures cater to a vairety of animals, including cat runs, dog runs, chicken coops, rabbit hutches and more. They are durable, configurable and designed to meet the needs of you and the animals within.

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