Made from high-quality Australian steel, our aviaries come in a variety of standard configurations. We also pride ourselves on custom designed, bespoke aviaries for a variety of settings and species such as private collections, hobby farms, zoos and more.

Manufactured in Western Sydney, our products are continuously tested to maintain a high degree of build quality. All production, from quote, design, manufacture and coating are done in-house in our state of the art facility located in Emu Plains.


  • 100% Australian made
  • Delivered and installed
  • Covered by the Opie Guarantee

More than just an Aviary

We offer aviaries in a variety of shapes and sizes, from small and compact designs which are easily relocated, to large permanent structures intended to house multiple birds.

Drawing on over sixty years of design knowledge, our aviaries are tried and tested in a wide range of environments, protecting your birds from the elements while providing them with a large, secure area for them to spread their wings.

The all metal construction of our products come in a variety of coatings Galvanised metal is the most basic option, and we also offer a complete powder coating solution in many finishes and colours. For more detail on powder coating options, please click here.


  • Galvanised coating
  • Powder coating in a range of colours
  • All metal construction
  • Fully weather resistant
  • Covered by the Opie Guarantee
  • Designed to meet your needs
  • Delivered and installed
  • Australian made

“Opie Group & Bonwick have always been very helpful. They deliver a quality product in a reasonable turn around. We’ll always come to you guys for for metal based products or projects.”

Matthew Buckley


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